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Frost, wind, boundless white field.... On this ice smooth surface, kicking up snow dust, tens of multi-colored sails fly...

Several years ago this picture could seem absolutely illusory, but now people, even far from sport, know that it is winter windsurfing.


Operating a winter windsurfing set has the same principle as for traditional windsurfing-on-the-water: on the shell there is a ree-rotating universal joint with the sail attached. The athlete holds the boom operating the sail and taxis up by his legs. Keeping balance, the rider heels upwind, inclining the sail to himself, as they say, "hangs out" on his hands. Generally a sail and the operating principle are exactly the same as in summer - fundamental difference in what slides. Nowadays there are three main winter windsurfing shells types: mono-ski, duo-skis, and the iceboard. Other shells can be considered training or amateur. In conditions when there is no or a few snow, iceboards and narrow sailing sledges are popular. Since olden times racers In Russia win on mono-skis. Such a designs construct in Samara in the DSD company. The latest product they have developed, a "DSD Ultra" board is very convenient and technological. It will be available for test at #WISSA-2017 competitions, and someone from the athletes will get this novelty as a prize.


It should be noted that in our country the winter windsurfing opened a creativity scope for local inventors. For example, for winter windsurfing was invented a special sledge – duo-skis big width sledge. That wide duo-skis sledge perfectly slides on both a rigid surface and a friable snow. Thanks to support width, there is now an opportunity to set up big sails and to handle strong gusts without losing speed. The last Russia and also world championships are won on that shell. All types of shells belong to the "sailing sledge" class so any shells are allowed to participate in any competitions within competition class, so the athlete makes his choice here. However, most racers (with rare exception) get used to a single shell type and don't change it often.


The traditional average distance of the winter windsurfing class is a course race. The race is held upwind and then downwind in several stages, each taking nearly 30 minutes and separated by breaks. The marathon race is held at a distance of 40-60 km, lasts not less than two hours so such a challenge requires great endurance and experience dealing with wind. If the coevrage allows, slalom is also included in the championships. Slalom is a group races for the speed of passing the distance. The race is held on a half wind (beam reach), also downwind and upwind, with high-speed turns through every 50-200 m. Such competitions require special covering preparation and we have such an opportunity here at the Zhigulyovsksea. On the #WISSA-2017 World Cup the winter windsurfing is the main activity type from February 20 to February 26. Besides, the head of DSD company Dmitry Skobelev suggested to hold a monotype competitions on the DSD produced boards and that idea was accepted by the organizing committee. The run will take place within #WISSA-2017.

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