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Socially significant project in the field of sports and tourism for several regions of Russia

The organizers’ initiative was supported at the level of the regional authorities, and the project was granted the «Russian Event Awards» national award. The relatively young sport has united under the dome of the kite also motorists, tourists, professional athletes and fans of outdoor activities.  The International status was achieved by this sports festival due to the fact that the World Association of sailing on snow and ice (WISSA) entrusted Togliatti team to host the WorldChampionshipinRussia.


Organizers of the annual sports competitions in snow kiting and Togliatti Winter Festival of active leisure «Zhiguli Sea» are preparing huge event in its scale.  As planned by the organizers, the project «SNOWKITERUSSIA» will take place in three regions: the Samara region, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Karelia, which are hosting the World Championship of winter sports of sailing, the stage of the Russian Cup, World Cup, the festival programs and entertainment for the whole family. The events will be connected by the fun expedition "Orange mood" and rally «From sea to sea».


The project «SNOWKITERUSSIA» will begin with a fun expedition «Orange mood», in which participants will ride 400 km with kites from Togliatti to Kazan - the third capital of Russia which then will host sporting event for kiting «Orange Wind», as well as entertainment for guests of the festival.


February 20, Togliatti will launch the World Championship of winter sailing sports «WISSA * -2017», with more than 150 participating professional athletes from around the world and 250 amateurs of sailing sport.The main competition of the WISSA World Championship is a course-race (Race riding with the wind and against the wind). Course-raceisheldfor all classes with racing series (7 - 15 races in the series). Additional types of program are the marathon race and the race for speed.


On February 25 and 26 as part of the competition, for the third time it will be held the festival «Zhiguli Sea. SNOWKITE Carnival» well known to all citizens and guests of Togliatti - the capital of the automotive. According to the organizers this event is projected to collect over 20 thousand spectators.


After that the «SNOWKITERUSSIA 2017» project will be continued with the following events. Immediately after the World Championship and the Festival, there will be events of not lower scale: multi-day expedition race for teams of snowkiters in self-sufficient mode «TRANSONEGO» and the festival «ONEGO» in Petrozavodsk. Both events are scheduled from 1 to 5 March. This kiting competition will be attended by more than 80 professional athletes from around the world, and the festival will bring together about 5000 residents and tourists.


«SNOWKITERUSSIA 2017» promises to be a grand event of the coming winter, "- claimed chief organizer of the project Eugenia Kotlyarova. "Our main goal is to promote kiting, and its inclusion in the Olympic program in the future. The project already has the recognition. So, on 15/09/2016 our project «SNOWKITERUSSIA» was declared as the winner of the National Award «Russian Event Awards» in the nomination "The best idea of ​​the tourist events."  


The right to host the World Championship was deserved by the organizing committee of" Marathon "Zhiguli Sea" after 11 years of organization the annual snow kiting competition three times in the rank of the Russian Championships and many stages of the Russian Cup. The unique experience in mass sporting events has been gained. We want to show the world how to carry out a major sporting event. “We hope for everyone’s support, because it is an event of historic proportions "- says Race Director of the WISSA 2017 Alexey Razhev.


"We want sport events to take place at the same time with activities for all age groups. It is important that these spectacular sports have gained recognition not only among ordinary citizens, but also enhanced tourism appeal of our region, and inspired young people for sporty and healthy lives. In Tolyatti there are all the necessary conditions, " -says the project manager Alexander Aleshkov.


"Togliatticitizens, likeno other, are ready for the World championship on sailing sports and for the festival. We carry out such activities in the Samara land not for the first time " adds the project manager Natalia Yashtyngina. - "For today, this project is supported by three regions which are willing to support our aspirations, our enthusiasm, our strength. There from such a huge scope of the project. On the part of the project team we promise a high level of organization for the athletes and guests, as well as, of course, the fiery temper and the extraordinary atmosphere of happiness, euphoria, wind energy, which «SNOWKITERUSSIA 2017" will definitely give you as a gift.


Feel a Wind Power with «SNOWKITERUSSIA 2017»!


Yours faithfully, The project team SNOWKITERUSSIA




* WISSA (World Ice and Snow Sailing Association) - the worldwide association of sailing on snow and ice. The main feature of the World Cup version WISSA is to bring together all kinds of structures, using wind power to move, excluding gliders (ice yacht). As a result of the long-term evolution (WISSA held since 1980) the main program of the event currently includes:


  •  Class Winter windsurfers (rigged «free style», which is used in the summer windsurfing)
  •  kites class (race on kites)
  •  Class Wings (wing, held by an athlete in his hands).




On organizational matters: Eugenia Kotlyarova,, + 7 927261 38 98


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